Testing Facilities

All Hansa Parts® spare parts are rigorously tested on advanced testing facilities


Right from the start, Hansa Parts® emphasizes on quality, reliability and value-for-money automotive spare parts to all its customers, and ever since, Solid Corporation has repeatedly innovate, transform and bring only the hightest quality automotive spare parts to the market. The iconic bright orange branding together with Hansa Parts® has become synonymous with high quality, reliability and outstanding after sales services. Today, this philosophy has become of utmost importance for Hansa Parts® .
In addition, Solid Corporation is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Solid Corporation conducts frequent on-site quality audits to ensure stringent testing procedures are conducted throughtout the manufacturing  process of all Hansa Parts® components.
Hansa Parts® Quality Assurance
The famous Hansa Parts® brand has been fighting its way and igniting engines for over 30 years. The iconic orange branding and Hansa Parts® logo have been in sync with premium quality, reliability & outstanding customer services.

Hansa Parts® Test Facilities

Today, this philosophy is still first priority for Hansa Parts® brand and it continue to focus on providing quality automotive parts and components to all its customers at a competitive price.

In addition to the stringent testing procedures conducted throughtout the manufacturing process of all Hansa Parts® products, Solid Corporation has made extensive investment in its own in-house testing facilities based in the head quarter in Johor.
D&V Voltage Regulator Tester  
VRT-10 is a microprocessor based voltage regulator tester. The unit can automatically test with PASS & FAIL indication all types solid state voltage regulators 12 - 42 Volts. For precise regulator testing, the altenator's internal signals and the vehicles input and output signals are fully simulated and measured. For high speed testing, the VRT-10 has an optional pneumatically operated connection fixture. The tester can verify assorted special functions on the regulator, such as SSD, LRC,computer controls etc. The VRT-10 can simulate energizing of the alternator for TOS comparison. The operation of the alternator and regulator is completely digitally simulated and controlled. 

  • Regulator rated voltage 12, 24, 32, 42 Volts
  • Measures more than 150 Parameters
  • Interface to PC for statistical reports and performance reports
  • Possibility to control external marking device or sorting valve
  • Power supply 120/220V AC, 350V
  • Up to 12 Amps load test


Supplying and Distributing of Automotive Spare Parts
Solid Corporation achieved ISO 9001 certification in May 2016. Every year, Solid Corporation must pass a series of audits by SGS auditors in order to maintain the certification. as an ISO 9001 certified company, Solid Corporation will continue to innovate and improve to strive for better quality!
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